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SFD-860 Alarm controller
No gas leak Field, but there are numerical display?

Doing Zero calibration of controller again. Calibration method: open the control cabinet door, the upper left corner of the red dial switch to the corresponding channel, the blue is the function of choice, set aside to ON that is selected. Regulation of all appropriated OFF, the corresponding channel is allocated to ON, a blue dial the last one to ON ("ZERO"), press the mute button, the blue dial toggle the last one to OFF, and then press the mute button. Zero calibration complete. Red dial back to the factory settings.

some channel display

Check detector wiring, or measure the voltage of the detector between "24V" "GND"  is 24V. Or whether the current of the detector  between the “I+”, and “GND” between  is 4mA.

The scene without gas, the controller has been the alarm, the value has not been down?

Detector output abnormal, the proposed detector. Suggested to check the detector.

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