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Common problem
No gas field, but there are numerical display?

Charged to open the cover of the detector, measuring the voltage between the lower right corner of the V+.V-, adjust the blue RW1 potentiometer on the right, so that it is 0mV. Measurement the current between GND and I+ , adjust the lower left corner of the ZERO potentiometer, so that it is 4mA

How to calibrate the gas?

opening the detector cover,and put throng  the standard gas to gas sensor, adjust the upper left corner of the  blue potentiometer “SPAN, so that the display value is the same with the standard gas value

When Controller display yellow light?

Check if the sensor is damaged. Check method: remove the sensor, measure the resistance between the red, white, black, the line resistance is less than 30 ohm, if greater than 30 ohms, the sensor burned out. 

No gas leak Field, but there are numerical display?

Doing Zero calibration of controller again. Calibration method: open the control cabinet door, the upper left corner of the red dial switch to the corresponding channel, the blue is the function of choice, set aside to ON that is selected. Regulation of all appropriated OFF, the corresponding channel is allocated to ON, a blue dial the last one to ON ("ZERO"), press the mute button, the blue dial toggle the last one to OFF, and then press the mute button. Zero calibration complete. Red dial back to the factory settings.

some channel display

Check detector wiring, or measure the voltage of the detector between "24V" "GND"  is 24V. Or whether the current of the detector  between the “I+”, and “GND” between  is 4mA.

The scene without gas, the controller has been the alarm, the value has not been down?

Detector output abnormal, the proposed detector. Suggested to check the detector.

Displaying fault“error2.2”?

sensor fault,need to change sensor

Screen display normal, but no analog output

The analog output module is damaged, it is advice to repair to manufacturer

Field no gas leakage, but there are numerical display ?

Possible sensor drift, resulting in numerical values, is proposed to calibrate the zero point

How to zero calibration ?

With Magnetic pen  long press "FUNC"  for about 5 seconds, Press button ▲ (plus 1), ▼ (minus 1) and◀(left)" regulation to display "1111", press "FUNC" 2 times, enter "ZERO" zero adjustment menu, press the “◀” into numerical display "L" at the beginning the "XX" is not zero, "Press ▼ (minus 1), which shows the number reduced to 0 so far.

How to calibrate ?

With Magnetic pen  long press "FUNC" button for about 5 seconds, Press ▲ (plus 1),▼ (minus 1) and ◀(left)" regulation to display "1111", press "FUNC" 1 times, enter "SPAN" zero adjustment menu, press “◀” into "H" at the beginning "XX" the existing gas concentration, Pressing ▼ (minus 1), which shows the number reduced to 0 so far.

When the detector display inconsistent with the controller

With Magnetic pen long press "FUNC" button for about 5 seconds, Pressing ▲(plus 1) ,▼ (minus 1) and◀ (left)" regulation to display "1111", press "FUNC" 5 times, into "20-04" the current adjustment menu, press ▲ (plus 1 ),and ▼minus 1 in order to regulate the current between the “I+”and “GND”is 4mA, at the same time zero calibration of controller;Pressing ◀ (left), pressing  ▲ (plus 1), ▼ (minus 1)" regulation of current between the “I+”and “GND”is 20mA. At the same time, the range of the controller calibration (calibration to full range).

When calibrating, the gas is not up to the standard gas value?

Sensor sensitivity decreased, suggested replacement.

Screen display is 0, the host machine is not zero?

Adjust the menu of 4mA output calibration,, so that the current between out_I+and out_I-. is 4mA

Boot time display "error detector", and can not enter the display interface?

Check detector wiring, whether it is connected to the wrong line, or measuring the detector voltage "24V"  between and"GND"   is 24V.

The site has no gas leakage, but the display has a reading and is not zero?

Enter the "calibration",then"zero calibration >" click "zero calibration", and later on  "calibration" , enter the password "3003" can be preserved

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