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Fixed dust detector

FC-2013(DUMO)The type of FC-2013 (DUMO) AC electrostatic dust detector

Features: compared to photoelectric dust detector and DC electrostatic dust detector, the products with high cost-effective, easy to use, maintenance free characteristics; there are a variety of models to choose from, online measurement.

Measuring media: Solid particles in the air.
Dust Diameter: 0.3UM or greater.
Measuring range: 0.1mg / m3-1000mg / m3.
Measuring principle: AC induction.
Damping time: 0 seconds -90 minutes.
Output signal: 2 alarm signal output, 4-20mA current output
LED Display: Optional.
Communication: RS485 / RF Radio Frequency (optional).
Ambient temperature: -20-60 ℃.
Housing: aluminum, stainless steel.
Supply voltage: 12VDC-24VDC.
Cable: 5M.
Weight: 3KG.
Related equipment: DCS industrial control systems, SFD-300II Series, SFD-860 series alarm controller.

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  • System Wiring Introduction

    White Line (1) -RS485B (-)
    Brown line (2) -RS485A (+)
    Green line (3) - automatic background recording
    Yellow line (4) -4-20MA (+)
    Gray lines (5) - Power (-) GND / 4-20MA (-)
    Pink line (6) - Power supply (+) 24VDC
    Blue line (7) - the first alarm output
    Red line (8) - second alarm output


    working principle


    FC-2013 (DUMO) is designed for total suspended particles (TSP) detector concentration, based on the principle of electrostatic measurement: in the channel, the charged particles through or collision the sensor, an electromotive force is generated on the sensor (proportional to dust concentration). FC-2013 (DUMO) through the intelligent algorithm program will be the power of the DC part of the filter out as a reference, the AC part of the dust concentration calculation.


    That laboratory and field practice. FC-2013 (DUMO) can measure the concentration of less than 1mg/m3 of ambient dust, and can detect 0.3 m diameter of dust particles.

    FC-2013 (DUMO) has two alarm signal output include warning and alarm, and has a tri-color LED - green (normal), yellow (warning), red (alarm). It will tell us how many the dust they change in order to take steps to protect person and device.


     FC-2013 (DUMO) also has a 4-20mA current signal output, and RS-485 communication interface, can access the system conveniently in.


    FC-2013 (DUMO) as a measurement tool widely used in different industries, such as mining, foundry, wood processing. Cotton processing, textile, food and tobacco, chemical, paper, etc.

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