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Special combustible / toxic gas detection analysis

SFD-600(BA)XX-GWSFD-600(BA)XX-GW toxic gas detection analysis, alarm device

Notable features: unique design, stable performance, convenient and practical, cost-effective.
Detection of gas: General flammable gas, ammonia, fluoride gas, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen, etc..
Sensor detection principle: electrochemical, infrared, photoelectric ions, metal oxides, catalytic combustion.
Measurement range: 0-100%LEL; 0-10000PPM; 0-100%VOL.


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  •  Notable features: unique design, stable performance, convenient and practical, cost-effective. 

     Gas detection: General combustible gas, ammonia, fluorine, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen etc..    

     Detection principle of sensor: electrochemistry, infrared, photoelectric ion, metal oxides, catalytic    combustion.          

     Measurement range: 0-100%LEL; 0-10000PPM; 0-100%VOL.          

     Temperature range: -40 DEG to +200 DEG C (high temperature combustible gas alarm specifically for the home) and -40 deg.c to +70 deg.c (toxic gas detection and analysis device)    

     Accuracy: + 1%FS.         

     Alarm settings: low limit high limit (25%LEL, 50%LEL users can arbitrarily set).       

     Response time: less than 15S.          

     Recovery time: less than 30S.           

     Flameproof explosion-proof.          

     Proof mark: ExdIIcT6 Gb.         

     Explosion-proof connection: G3/4 pipe thread.          

     Relative humidity: less than 95% HR.          

     Power: DC24V (DC15V-DC28V);          

     Protection level: IP66         

     Installation method: embedded, flange type (standard size DN100), analysis (using the analysis of front end processing device, instrument and gas reduction sampling and drying, heating / cooling temperature, gas analysis)          

     Related equipment: SFD-300, SFD-860, SFD860ll, SFD-860lll, SFD-2000         

     Note: the shape and size of the fixed screw of the probe head is expressed as the expression of the "embedded detecting head installation sketch map".





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