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Fixed alarm controller

SFD-900Standby power supply

12V lithium battery section          
Capacity:(5.2AH, 6.8AH, 10.8AH) 12V          
Discharge: built-in 12V/1A battery charger, 12V output boost to 24V          
It can be connected: SFD-860 series, SFD-300 series

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  • SF-900 alarm system standby power


    Built-in battery
     A12V lithium battery
     Battery capacity
     Optional capacity of (5.2AH, 6.8AH, 10.8AH) 12V

     Built-in 12V / 1A charger, battery 12V to 24V output boost

     It can be connected to alarm
     SFD-860 series, SFD-300 series
     The device can be connected to power

     SFD-860 series is less than 12W, SFD-300 series is less than


    SF-900 backup power supply
     A12V lithium battery
    battery capacity
     Two 7.4AH batteries in series

     Built-in charge-discharge protection circuit, the mains 220VACinput. DC24V output

    It can be connected to alarm
     The device can be connected to power
     SFD-300 less than 8W
    SF-900 UPS backup power
     UPS uninterruptible power supply
     battery capacity
     The apparatus of power options
     Mains 220VAC input, 220VAC output
     It can be connected to alarm
     The device can be connected to power
     SFD-300 less than 8W, SFD-860 less than 5W per loop, SFD-800 host 6W, 3W each loop probe




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