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Fixed alarm controller

SFD-860The type of SFD-860 series alarm controller

High degree of intensification, flexible assembly methods. Each liquid crystal can be realistic four channel detector working state, with a small size, intuitive and clear, easy to operate, the advantages of high accuracy.         
Multifunction, high cost. The alarm controller can receive the 4-20mA standard signal or the RS485 bus signal respectively. Each wire alarm can output a set of passive, a normally opened switch signal and RS485 bus signal. Can replace the PLC (programmable logic controller) to use,effectively reduce the user's equipment procurement and construction costs.       
Alarm controller and detector using the bus connection, bus connection mode has both advantages of material saving and labor, time and cost, and technical advantages of numerical multiple real-time display concentration detector.          
Alarm display clear, according to the working state of the equipment changes the background color. Green, pink, red, yellow four colors represent the norm, low alarm, high alarm, fault.

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  • model:SFD - 8604, SFD - 8608, SFD - 8608
    installation: wall, cabinet
    temperature range: - 20 ℃ to + 70 ℃
    relative humidity: < 95% RH
    precision: plus or minus 0.1% FS
    input/output voltage: AC220V/DC24V
    Power consumption: < 5 w/channel

    Alarm way: sound and light alarm; LCD background color
    Input signal: standard 4-20 mA signal alarm ( separated wire system ) or RS485 bus signal alarm (bus system)
    Iutput signals: every channel corresponding to output a set of (passive, normally open) switch signals and RS485 bus signal output wire alarm (points). Can switch output signal through the relay module (alarm) bus system.
    Asociated equipment: SFD - 600 (BZ), SFD - 600 (BA) and SFD - 600 "chameleon" series of flammable/toxic gas detector

    Optional equipment: battery back-up SFD - 890 (power)? Reserve and SFD - 900 type uninterrupted power supply 500 va / 300 w (mains disconnect may continue to use after 1-2 hours), va / 600 w / 1000 (mains disconnect may continue to use after 2-4 hours)
    Data range: 0-100% LEL, 0-999 parts per million, 0-100% VOL
    Optional features: can be reference to my company to provide HUAWEI product options, intelligent control software installation. After installing software, alarm device can intelligent judge whether access and pick out the equipment fault, and using fuzzy control technology, unique association is control equipment (such as fan, solenoid valve, etc.) the maximum service life. If you want to add the intelligent control software, the user should be declared in advance.





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