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The type of ECD device and combustible / toxic gas
  • The type of ECD ,field signal switching, distribution and control device

    ECD field signal switching, distribution and control device breaks the boundaries of the wired or wireless, all kinds of transmitter signal transmission, to achieve the signal integration and distribution of convenience, universal and intensive.
    The product assembly in flameproof enclosure, installed in hazardous areas, set line alarm device troubleshooting, easy maintenance and convenient bus alarm device has the advantages of convenient installation, high efficiency, and can input and output of digital transmission signal control equipment......

  • SFD-2000The type of SFD-2000 device and combustible / toxic gas detection, alarm and control system

    Detection data and status display: in the alarm state, the system with the most intuitive graphic display of the detection data, color changes in the way, display the corresponding alarm point state. Specific as follows:

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