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Fixed gas detector/ transmitter

SFD-600IIThe type of SFD-600II flammable / toxic gas transmitter

 "Watchdog" technology of fault alarm.
 Design of cold resistance,suitable for winter low temperature area.
 Explosion-proof,anti surge,induction thunder,installation more convenient,safer to use.
 Adopt high-powered magnet adjust transmitter,need not open or use the remote control at the scene 4-20 ma,24 VDC/0.5 A switch signal output.  
 Site online calibration 4-20 ma signal output...

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  • Detection sensor: can choose photoelectric ion, catalytic combustion type, electric chemical formula, solid-state semiconductor type or infrared light type, metal oxide type, heat conduction type.
    Testing gas: general combustible gas, ammonia, and aromatic gas, hydrogen, chlorine, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and so on.
    Measuring range: 0-1 PPM, 0 to 10 PPM... 0-1000 ppm, 0-100% LEL, 0-25% VOL

    Alarm Settings:  low limit for 25% of full scale range ,high limit for 50% of full scale (the user can set the field)
    Response time: < 15 s
    Recovery time: < 30 s
    Explosion-proof way: flameproof
    Explosion-proof marks: Exd II CT6 Gb
    Protection grade: IP66
    Explosion-proof connections: G3/4 pipe thread
    Output signals: standard 4-20 mA signal output; Two way dc 24 v switch signal output; Modbus protocol RS485 interface
    Temperature range: - 40 ℃ to + 70 ℃
    relative humidity: < 95%
    power: DC24V (DC15V ~ DC28V)
    power consumption: < 5 w/piece
    weight:it is about 3 kg/piece
    associated equipment: SFD - 860 series alarm controller, alarm controller, SFD SFD - 300 multi-function acousto-optic alarm, PLC or DCS industrial centralized control system, the common computer (need to add related software)
    commonly used material: high strength anti-corrosion alloy aluminum
    optional material: stainless steel


    Product selection, detection range

    SFD - 600 II gas transmitter naming method is as follows:

    A, "SFD" representative "suofuda company";

    B, “600II” means on site display gas detector which can output 4-20 mA signal ; "600" (BZ) Detector has a pair of 24 VDC / 0.5 A switch quantity output, and the SFD - 200 live sound and light alarm can be attached..

    C, left after the "600 ii" for the first "X" on behalf of gas detection by object, example: "T", "F", "N", "H", "c", "SO2, HF," CL ", "S" represent the general combustible gas, benzene and aromatic gas, ammonia, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide (not list the types of gas, represented by the former).

    D, left for the second "X" represents the type of gas sensor, "C" on behalf of catalytic combustion type, "d" for electric chemical formula, "G" on behalf of the solid-state semiconductor type, "I" on behalf of infrared type, "P" on behalf of the photoelectric ion type. Sensor detection range of the range, please refer to "chameleon" products.


    Such as:
    SFD - 600 IISD: 4-20 ma output, hydrogen sulfide, the range of 0-100 PPM, electrochemical sensors
    SFD - 600 IICL2D: 4-20 ma output, chlorine gas, range 0 to 10 PPM, electrochemical sensors
    SFD - 600 IITC: RS485 bus signal, combustible gas, range 0-100% LEL, catalytic combustion sensors
    SFD - 600 IIHC:, hydrogen, RS485 bus signal range 0-100% LEL, catalytic combustion sensors
    SFD - 600 IISO2D: 4-20 ma output, sulfur dioxide, range 0 to 100 PPM, electrochemical sensors
    SFD - 600 IIFP: 4-20 ma output, benzene and aromatic gases, the range of 0-100 PPM, photoelectric sensors
    SFD - 600 IIND: 4-20 ma output, ammonia, 0-100 parts per million, electrochemical sensors
    SFD - 600 IICD: 4-20 ma output, carbon monoxide, 0-500 parts per million, electrochemical sensors
    SFD - 600 IIHFD: 4-20 ma output, hydrogen fluoride, 0 to 10 PPM, electrochemical sensors
    SFD - 600 IICO2I: 4-20 ma output, carbon dioxide, 0-100% VOL, infrared sensors





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