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Fixed gas detector/ transmitter
  • SFD-600The type of SFD - 600,combustible/toxic gas detector

     Unique multi state color change technology          

     Unique "watchdog" fault diagnosis technology          
     Unique sensitivity of intelligent compensation technology          
     Full range accuracy of ±0.1%FS          
     Explosion-proof, anti surge, anti lightning, the installation is more convenient and safer to use          

     Using high-energy magnetic regulating transmitter, no need open cover on the site or use the remote control          
     Simultaneously or respectively output RS485, 4-20mA and switch signal          
     Online spot change bus address code, 4-20mA signal output calibration

  • SFD-600(BA)、(BZ)The type of SFD-600 (BA)/SFD-600(BZ) gas detector

     Installation is simple, easy to use, stable performance. Detector can be chose connected according to the technical requirements to PLC, DCS system, alarm controller, fire control center.

  • SFD-600IIThe type of SFD-600II flammable / toxic gas transmitter

     "Watchdog" technology of fault alarm.
     Design of cold resistance,suitable for winter low temperature area.
     Explosion-proof,anti surge,induction thunder,installation more convenient,safer to use.
     Adopt high-powered magnet adjust transmitter,need not open or use the remote control at the scene 4-20 ma,24 VDC/0.5 A switch signal output.  
     Site online calibration 4-20 ma signal output...

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