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    8 2018-12-12 17:28:56 作者:

    Huawei is the world's leading provider of information and communication technology ( ICT ) solutions, the best enterprise in China and even in the world, and the totem and belief of the contemporary Chinese people's spirit of " working hard and fight

  •  On December 1, the shameless Canadian government detained Ms. CFO Meng Wanzhou, who passed through Canada, on trumped-up charges and treated Ms. Meng inhumanly during her detention. This ugly act aroused the strong indignation of the Chinese people.

    Canada and its backstage boss, the U.S. government, are only aiming at a commercial company with a clear intention. That is, Huawei has formed a competitive relationship with Cisco and Nokia in the United States, and Huawei has a great advantage in this competitive relationship. The reverse actions of some U.S. forces have greatly violated the spirit of free trade in the United States.

    The main reason why Huawei can be targeted is that Huawei is getting stronger and stronger, which has already threatened the U.S. technological hegemony in the high-tech field. Several big companies in the United States, such as Apple, Qualcomm and Cisco, are very afraid of Huawei taking their market share. At present, Huawei's business involves operator network and equipment business, various core semiconductor chips, photovoltaic, optical cable, smart phone, cloud computing, big data, internet of things and so on. These businesses are all high-tech and Huawei has done very well in these areas.

    In 2018, revenue increased by 17 % compared with 2017, which means Huawei's revenue will reach $ 112bn in 2018. What is the concept of $ 112bn? Google 1109 billion US dollars, Microsoft 899 billion US dollars, IBM 791 billion US dollars, Facebook 40.6 billion US dollars, Cisco 49.2 billion US dollars and Qualcomm 22.2 billion US dollars. This is why the United States is so afraid of Huawei.

    We strongly urge the U.S. and Canadian governments to return to the spirit of respecting human rights and humanity and release Ms. Meng unconditionally, otherwise your ugly actions will infuriate all the Chinese people and at the same time let you carry the banner of democracy, freedom and justice for many years and fall into the abyss of history.

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